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If you've got a little-loved-one in your life, then you know how important it is to do good by them. We want to give children the very best, and that includes a cleaner, healthier world. It's a lofty goal that can only be achieved with small meaningful steps. What we feed our kids and how we feed our kids matters.

YoungLux was created with this in mind. Offering a sustainable and stylish option for kids' tableware, our dishes, cutlery and mealtime accessories are sourced from eco-friendly materials and designed to last.

Our modern and minimalist styles means our dishware grows with your kids. From babies to toddlers and all the way up, YoungLux gives you durability, sustainability and style sensibility that blends into the aesthetic of any eco-conscious household.

Kids love YoungLux and so will you!

Founded by a Busy Mama

Hi! I'm Lily

Like many busy parents, I appreciate the small but beautiful things that make my day a little bit nicer and a little bit easier.

When I was pregnant with my first,  I wanted to provide my new baby with the very best. The experience was not quite what I expected - I was faced with lots of plastic & colorful products that didn't suit my minimalist & modern style or my new found need for eco conscious products. That's when I knew  I wanted to start YoungLUX, which turned into my mat leave side hustle and is now my full time job & passion !

So thank you for choosing us, and Bon Appetit!

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