Our Story



Welcome to YoungLUX ! 


My name is Lily & I’ve always had a passion for home décor and entertaining friends and family. After having my son Edwin, I was so excited to start shopping for his tableware. To my surprise, I couldn't find anything I wanted or that would fit our home’s modern & minimalist style. (Kinda didn't want dolphins or colourful sets!) That’s when I had the idea to design my own line that I could share with likeminded friends and families like us. 

 On the journey of creating our tableware,  I learnt a lot about the benefits and disadvantages of the different materials available. It quickly became apparent that Bamboo Fiber was the best material I wanted to use for our company and that I could stand behind. As a new parent, more then ever I want to be eco-responsible for my family.. and so Young LUX was born! ”


Hope you enjoy your mini's tableware as much as we do & be sure to share your #youngluxliving with us! 


Lily x